Avidi Media has been updated to 2.0

Avidi Media 2.0 has been released! Out latest update brings some new features and completly new, extended, more powerfull and redesigned admin panel! New AJAX based comment system, improved content submission modules, new admin panel features with extended dashboard, new posts management tab and many more!

New, extended and redesigned admin panel
New, powerfull XML sitemap generator
New, AJAX based comment system
Switchable commenting system with Disqus module
Email SMTP settings added to admin panel
Improved news / articles module and typography
New, redesigned and extended admin panel
XML sitemap generator
New, improved ajax based comment system
DISQUS module
Posts can be saved as drafts
SMTP settings added to admin panel
Improved news / articles submission module and typography
New dashboard with ajax based chart and statistics
Submission modules can now be turned on/off
New footer tags widget
Messaging system has been improved (outbox added)
More social sharing options ( Whatsapp and so on )
Improved overall performance and stability
Faster, chunk based video upload
Extended post management tab with search, multiselect, bulk actions, sorting and visibility change
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